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What Are Some of the Reasons for Choosing Breast Augmentation?

Women choose to have Breast Augmentation or enlargement for a variety of reasons such as.

Small Breasts
Imagine reaching puberty, yet remaining flat-chested, or developing only very small breasts – perhaps barely an "A" cup. In a culture such as ours where breast development is a sign of becoming a woman, many women who develop only very small breasts may feel inadequate or unwomanly. This can adversely affect her relationships – romantic, in the workplace, and even with her friends.

Pregnancy and Breast Feeding
For most women, having children is the most joyous and fulfilling experience of their lives. Yet, pregnancy and breast feeding take an inevitable toll on a woman's body, causing breasts to shrink, lose volume, and sag. This leaves many women longing for more youthful and full breasts. This becomes more frustrating when women realize that exercise and firming creams don't work.

Weight Loss
In an attempt to gain a beautiful figure by shedding their excess weight, many women find instead that they lose breast volume and size. This becomes a dilemma. In fact, it is very unusual to find a thin and petite woman who is blessed with large breasts. Except in those who have had breast implants!.

Uneven Breasts-Assymetry
Having uneven breasts, or breast asymmetry, is very common. It is a myth that favoring one breast while breast-feeding can lead to breast asymmetry. Rather, this is something that most women are born with, although changes through pregnancy can magnify the difference between the breasts. This makes sizing bras as well as being able to wear braless clothes a challenge. In extreme cases, it causes much grief and stress for a young woman who just wants to look normal!

Despite the fact that breast asymmetry is a normal phenomenon, there are rare congenital causes of extreme breast asymmetry or lack of breast development such as "Poland's Syndrome." Poland's Syndrome occurs in one out of 20,000 children, and in fact is twice as common in boys as in girls. It is associated with the lack of breast and/or chest muscle development on one side.
Whatever the cause of breast asymmetry, breast implants can help bring about a more symmetrical breast size and possibly shape.

Tubular or Tuberous Breast Malformation
Tubular, or "Snoopy" breasts, tend to have abnormally narrow breast tissue base, abnormally broad areola (the colored area around the nipple), central protrusion or herniation of the breast tissue through the areola, with a tendency of the nipples to be very plump.  This is associated with significant breast asymmetry, sagging, and shape distortion. Furthermore, the position of the breast and its fold is abnormal. Although Breast Augmentation can help improve symmetry by increasing the size of the smaller breast, there are many other steps that are crucial in correcting this deformity, such as lifting the breast, reducing the size of the areola and widening and stretching the base of the tubular breast. In spite of this, the correction of tubular breast malformation may require several procedures, performed in stages, with some difficulty in achieving perfectly normal looking breasts.

Aging Breasts
There is an inevitable loss of breast tissue that takes place as we age, and that can be corrected through Breast Augmentation. Women of all ages can undergo this procedure, as long as any existing medical conditions have been optimized. This has become a bigger issue as women now live longer, healthier, and more active lives. Therefore, Breast Augmentation gives women the choice of preserving their breast fullness as they age.

"Don't let anyone tell you that it’s too late to have a fuller and prettier breast. I had my implants when I was 47, and I’m so much happier with the way I look now."
Marta, age 50

Ptosis-Sagging of Breasts
Breast Ptosis is what's commonly known as "sagging breasts." Unfortunately, many women don't know that the process of Breast Lift or "Mastopexy" does reduce the size of the breasts, often by at least one cup size. In order to preserve the original breast size, and or, to go “just a little bit bigger,” many women opt to have breast implants at the same time- a procedure that is called "Augmentopexy."

Empty Sac Syndrom
This is a loss of volume of the breast, while the breast "envelope" remains the same size. Because the breast appears empty, this condition is often confused with ptosis. However, it is different from breast sagging because technically the nipple-areolar complex and the Inframammary Fold have not sagged. The procedure to correct Empty Sac Syndrome is the placement of an implant.

Pseudoptosis - "False Ptosis"
This occurs when a large part of the breast's volume is at, or below, the level of the nipple-areolar complex, causing the breast's upper portion to appear hollow. It is called pseudo or false ptosis because although the breast tissue has sagged, the nipple is still in its normal position. In this case also, a breast implant (rather than a Breast Lift) is the solution for replenishing the lost breast volume.

Besides Breast Augmentation, is there any other reason to get Breast Implants?

Breast Reconstruction After Mastectomy/ Lumpectomy
One out of every nine women gets breast cancer. Treatment of breast cancer includes either removing part of the breast tissue (Lumpectomy), or the entire breast (Mastectomy). In order to restore body form, womanhood, and self-confidence, some women opt to have breast reconstruction with breast implants. In this circumstance, first a breast expander, which is like a breast implant, is placed in the breast pocket, and is then gradually inflated to several times the size of the original breast with saline over a period of several weeks. Once the chest wall skin has stretched or "expanded," the breast expander is removed and a permanent breast implant (saline or silicone) is placed in its place. At that time, or later, the nipple/ areolar complex is created.

To Replace Existing Breast Implants for Cosmetic or Reconstructive Reasons.
Those who have already had breast implants in the past might need to have them replaced. The reasons are as follows:

  1. Rupture and leakage of silicone or saline implant.
  2. Hardening of the implant capsule or "capsular contracture."
  3. Change from silicone to saline implants or the reverse.
  4. Desire to change the size of implants.

Who is Not Eligible for Breast Implants?

  • Women with existing malignant or pre-malignant cancer of the breast without adequate treatment
  • Women with an active infection anywhere in their bodies
  • Women who are currently pregnant or nursing

During your consultation with Dr. Younai, he reviews your treatment options for Breast Augmentation and Enlargement, including pros and cons of each techniques, potential risks and complications, recovery course, pre and post operative instructions, and esthetic outcomes. You will also have an opportunity to "try on" different types of saline or silicone breast implants in order to see which one looks the best on you. There are also many before-and-after pictures and high resolution images of breast augmentation available in our photo gallery.

Dr. Younai is a board certified plastic surgeon who receives patients at the California Center for Plastic Surgery from the Northern as well as the Southern California region. Some of these cities include Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Burbank, Sherman Oaks, Encino, Calabasas, Woodland Hills, Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Pasadena, Glendale, Valencia, Palmdale, Fresno, and Oxnard.

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Dr. Sean Younai
is a Board Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, who practices in Encino, Los Angeles, Southern California.
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