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Breast Augmentation - Unsatisfactory Results

What Are the Most Common Reasons for Patient Dissatisfaction?

The number one complaint after surgery is that patients regret that they didn't have larger implants. This arises from the fact that when trying on implants before surgery, women are either shy or have not gotten used to having larger breasts. To avoid this, I recommend that you choose the largest implant size that you can feel comfortable with.

The second most common reason for dissatisfaction is that women feel that once they get breast implants they should instantaneously be ready for the swim suit, with the "Perfect New Breasts"! Obviously, it takes weeks to months for implants to settle, swelling to subside, and breast tissue to accommodate the new implant. Therefore, be patient.

A third very common reason for dissatisfaction is having unreasonable expectations. Most women quickly forget the shape of the breasts that they had before their augmentation, just several weeks ago.

The esthetic outcome of Breast Augmentation greatly depends on what your breasts looked like before surgery. For example, if you had significant breast asymmetry, tubular breasts, or extensive sagging beforehand, surgery would not be able to give you "perfect breasts", but only breasts that are better looking than where you started.
Seven steps to having a great result with your Breast Augmentation?

  1. Do your research.
  2. Ask questions.
  3. Check your doctor and surgery facility credentials.
  4. Know your goal. What is it that you really want to achieve?
  5. Have realistic expectations. No human can attain perfection!
  6. Follow your doctor’s instructions thoroughly.
  7. Be patient with getting there. You just had real surgery; and you didn't buy breasts off the rack!

Having said all this, thousands of women undergo breast enhancement surgery every year and are very happy with their decision. Please remember to take your plastic surgery endeavor seriously. After all, it is no different than any other surgery that you might undergo.

With best wishes,

S. Sean Younai, MD, FACS
Board Certified Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

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Dr. Sean Younai
is a Board Certified Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, who practices in Encino, Los Angeles, Southern California.
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